A-Z of sweets

Sweets beginning with the letter 'P'

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Parma Violets from Swizzels Matlow
Parma Violets from Swizzels Matlow (Box, 100 packs)
Parma Violets - Giant from Swizzels Matlow
Passionberry Giant Drumstick lollies from Swizzels Matlow
Paynes Poppets - Mint
Paynes Poppets - Raisin
Paynes Poppets - Toffee
Peach and Cream Chupa Chups lollies
Peach Hearts from Tuck Shop
Peanut Brittle from Johnsons
Peanut Brittle from Johnsons (Sack, 3 kg)
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Peanut M&Ms
Pear Drops
Pear Drops from Taveners (Jar, 3.125 kg)
Peppermint Cremes from Needlers (Pack, 1 kg)
Personalised M&Ms
Personalised M&Ms - 1.5kg bag
Personalised M&Ms - 170g bag
Personalised M&Ms - 2 x 1.5kg bags
Personalised M&Ms - Gift box
Personalised M&Ms - Organdy bag
Personalised M&Ms - Pack of 100 bags
Personalised M&Ms - Pack of 150 bags
Personalised M&Ms - Pack of 50 bags
Personalised M&Ms - Standard bag
Pez - Buzz Lightyear
Pez - C-3PO
Pez - Chewbacca
Pez - Darth Vader
Pez - Disney Fairies (Box, 12 packs)
Pez - EVE
Pez - Lightning McQueen
Pez - Mike Monsters Inc
Pez - Mr Incredible
Pez - Nemo
Pez - R2-D2
Pez - Sulley Monsters Inc
Pez - The Emperor
Pez - WALL-E
Pez - Yoda
Pez Refills
Picnic from Cadbury
Pig's Mugs from Swizzels Matlow
Pineapple Cubes
Pink & White Sugar Mice from Boynes
Pink Pigs from Alma
Pink Pigs from Alma (Tub, 300 sweets)
Pint Pots
Pint Pots
Plain Chocolate Ginger
Pontefract Cakes from Haribo
Pontefract Cakes (Sack, 3 kg)
Pontefract Cakes from Taveners (Sack, 3 kg)
Porky Pigs
Porky Pigs (Tub, 300 sweets)
Princess Marshmallows
Princess Marshmallows
Princess Mini Marshmallows (Box, 2 kg)
Psycho Rats from Tuck Shop
Psycho Rats from Tuck Shop (Tub, 120 sweets)
Psycho Skulls from Tuck Shop
Purple Milk Chocolate Coins
Purple Milk Chocolate Coins (Pack, 1 kg)